About Options

Once you become a member, your relationship counselor and the matchmaking team begin working together to select introductions for you. Initially your introductions are based on your personal profile, but as your membership progresses, our expanding personal knowledge of both you and your preferences has a greater influence in the selection process. Our ultimate goal is to present you with what we call our “irresistible match”. Here’s how we do it:


At the heart of our service is our team of passionate and dedicated matchmakers. Our skilled matchmakers have the experience, intuition and creativity to see beyond the obvious when selecting your introductions. At times our matchmakers may suggest an introduction that at first seems “outside the box”, but based on our personal knowledge and experience with both of you, we strongly believe that the introduction will very likely result in a positive outcome. All of us at Options eagerly anticipate the outcome of these “irresistible matches.”


An important part of our matchmaking process is learning more about you and your introductions based on your interactions with one another. To that end, we use a confidential feedback system where we ask you for your open and honest thoughts in 15 different areas regarding your introduction. Your feedback helps the matchmakers continue to develop your personal profile and “fine tune” your introductions.

Member Services

Our knowledgeable and responsive customer support staff is available Monday through Friday to help facilitate and provide information about your introductions. Our helpful staff also serves to assist you in making any changes to your personal profile and to answer any questions you may have.